5 Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign members arrested in Eviction Defense

Aug 28, 2011 • Posted by: admin


After losing her job and relying on disability, Luz Smedron and her three sons found themselves unable to pay the mortgage on their home in Addison, just outside of Chicago, and, consequently, faced foreclosure and eviction. The Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign came to the family's defense and blockaded the eviction.


The action resulted in the arrest of five members of the organization, the ultimate eviction of the Smedron family and yet another vacant home in the Addison community. Those arrested and sent to Dupage County jail included Toussaint Losier, Jorge Ortiz, Holly Krig, Rory Fanning and Chris Poulos. Charges include Criminal Tresspass and Obstructing a Peace Officer. The Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign immediately bailed the five out of jail. Legal represenation for the five was secured by some of the strategic partners of the Take Back the Land- Movement.

Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign organization JR Fleming said that the group plans to continue to 'liberate' housing and defend families against eviction in pursuit of the human right to housing.

The Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign landed in the New York Times last month for 'liberating' a Chicago area home to house a family displaced by the demolition of Cabrini Green public housing project.

The Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign is a part of the Take Back the Land- Movement, a trans-local network of organizations dedicated to elevating housing to the level of a human right and securing community control over land.

For more information go to chicagoantieviction.org and takebacktheland.org.