The Take Back the Land- Movement is organized towards achieving the following political objectives:

  • Secure Community Control Over Land; and
  • Elevate Housing to the Level of a Human Right;

Pursuant to these objectives, we are building a movement to fundamentally transform land relationships in this society. This movement, comprised of a trans-local network of Local Action Groups, is organized around the following principles:

  • Leadership must be provided by impacted communities, particularly low income Black women;
  • Campaigns must be Positive Action centered;
  • We combat classism, racism, sexism and homophobia while building the leadership of low-income women and LGBTQ people of color.

In order to achieve these movement objectives, we are designing and implementing "Positive Action" campaigns whose objectives support those of the broader movement. Therefore, campaign action areas include:

  • Foreclosure related evictions. In the context of the worse housing crisis in memory, evicting families and creating more vacant homes in communities is counterproductive.
  • Foreclosed homes. These homes must be filled with families in need of housing.
  • Vacant foreclosed and government owned buildings. At a time of such great need, these vacant structures shock the moral conscience. They must be used to housing people.
  • Vacant foreclosed and government owned land. Now that “boom” times are over, vacant land must now return to the common good.
  • Public housing. Public housing must be protected because we cannot afford to lose low-income housing.
  • The right to return. Whether through gentrification, public housing demolition or the combination of natural disasters and government actions, those forced to leave their long-time communities must have the right to return.